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It’s giffgaff but backwards

I changed from Orange to O2 and then to giffgaff and can tell you from experience that you just need to learn the basic rules of keeping your mobile phone number to be free from any one network so that you can shop around to find the best deal for you.

For me I’d ordered my giffgaff SIM and got it activated (costs £10) and put this new SIM in my old phone… this SIM came with its own new number so I could test that it was working etc. but I wanted to keep my old O2 number coz everyone knows that one so I went onto the O2 website and found their ‘chat with an agent’ box then when an agent came online I typed to him that I wanted to close my account with O2 and I wanted my PAC number. PAC stands for Porting Authorisation Code and it is the code that you need to give to your new network to keep your old mobile phone number. So I had to answer a few security questions for this agent so that he knew that I was me and he said it’d take a while to get my PAC code so I just left the chat box open while I browsed the web.

About 10 minutes later the agent came back with my PAC code :) which I copied down.

Then all I did was login to my portal page on the giffgaff.com website then click on help then ‘Transfer your number’ fill that in with the PAC code and then it can take about 2 or 3 days to filter through the system.

I just kept my second phone on me with my new giffgaff SIM in it then when my calls started coming through on this one I knew it had gone through so I put my giffgaff SIM into my new phone and BAZINGA! I’m a giffgaffer :)

This advice is good for your mobile phone career so pay attention at the back there!

If you are not happy with your current service provider you can change to a new one and keep your current mobile phone number! It’s the law! Here’s how.

Here is a super technical link to a webpage on the giffgaff website that will tell you everything you ever need to know about:

How to keep your number