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It’s giffgaff but backwards

It can look a bit confusing but giffgaff billing is very flexible. Here’s how.

Rule of thumb, always choose to top up your credit then you can convert some of it to a goodybag later. Unless you know exactly which goodybag you want, then you can just pay £5 for example from your credit card, it’s all very flexible.

The way you pay with giffgaff can be a bit confusing especially for beginners but rest assured when I tell you that it is totally flexible and you don’t get to accidentally pay the wrong way or for the wrong thing.

When you first activate your SIM with £10 and you get your free £5 credit because you get your SIMs by clicking on the banner below thank you :) then when you log in to your giffgaff webpage you’ll see your balance at £15 or it might be a bit less if you have data turned on as that costs 20p per day while you don’t have a goodybag.

Later whenever you want to buy a goodybag or purchase some more credit, even if you just want to buy a goodybag with credit that you already have its all done via the Top-up button:

Your account Balance is how much money you have that can be used for PAYG calls & texts or other calls that are not covered by goodybags such as 0845 numbers etc. (beware of 0845 numbers and the like and look on the forums for advice and alternative numbers).

Your goodybags indicator shows what goodybag you have and how many minutes, text and data you have left.

When you buy a goodybag it starts on the day you buy it and runs out that same day in exactly one month time.

Have a look at the various goodybag options and experiment, buy one, one month then change it to another the next month etc.  I think the best value for money is the £10 goodybag at the moment, I’m experimenting with the £5 one …. £5 per month!!!  How much are you paying?

Rest assured it’s totally flexible and you don’t get to accidentally pay the wrong way or for the wrong thing.