Come and be part of our community at giffgaff. Join us in reaping the benefits gained from the only network that is run by the people for the people.
It’s giffgaff but backwards

Pay less

If I’m really poor I can exist with giffgaff paying as little as £3.33 per month.

Micromanage that phonebill.

Don’t let some company just hoover money from your bank account.  What are you nuts?

It is possible, if you help people in the forums that giffgaff will pay you.

Straight away just by changing to giffgaff I cut my bill by more than half!

Everyone has 20-20 hindsight vision right?

The reason that I went looking for another mobile company in the first place was that O2 was sucking over £20 per month out of my bank account, automatically and not really within my control and I didn’t like that so I did a lot of research on the web and kept looking at giffgaff because it seemed to offer the most flexibility for the least cost.

It took a bit of juggling but I finally found giffgaff

How about zero bill?

Keep control

Get Control

Cut your bill

giffgaff benefits

giffgaff for me has been wonderful

SIM yourself Get SIMed

I was helping a few people in the giffgaff forums then all of a sudden I saw on my portal page that I had been awarded £20 … I posted a message like ‘is this some kind of mistake?’ and the replies were all like ‘nope, if you help people in the forums then giffgaff pay you.’

Cool!  So I did it a bit more needless to say :) and it ended up like I had paid a total of somewhere around £40 into giffgaff but they had awarded me £80  Which they paid into my PayPal account (they pay twice yearly) and which I then transferred to my Barclays account and which I then withdrew and used to buy lots of beer :)  cheers goffgiff… hic…  I was awarded £80 in December and £86 in June.

You should really be wanting to get on this bandwagon so why not start by clicking on any one of my link buttons or the banner below and order yourself a free giffgaff SIM card which will come to you through the post in a shiny giffgaff folder with more information and absolutely no strings attached.